The majority of Singaporeans cannot leave home without milo

According to a research study by Spanish travel company Lowcostholidays, we just can't do without the drink even throughout journeys away from home

The study surveyed 7,500 individuals in 29 countries around the globe, asking exactly what is the one travel necessary they must take along on holidays. Call it a taste of home if you must, because plainly, despite nationality, we are all in our own quirky ways, highly depending on our comfort food.

For our neighbors in Indonesia, sambal is a must-pack while the South Koreans cannot do without kimchi. Although the research found that travelers from China will make it an indicate bring instant noodles, Chinese media CCTV reported that netizens said they would rather pack chili or pickled veggies instead.

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Return to Nepal: a year after the earthquake

It was terrifying: everyone slept outside in the street, food rates skyrocketed and all the roadways were blocked. Hari Sharma, my Kathmandu guide, remembers clearly the moment a 7.8-magnitude bhukampa (earthquake) rattled Nepal a year back on Monday.

Tourist is the primary financial income in Nepal and it took almost 10 months for the US and UK to raise their travel bans to the country after the catastrophe, in spite of only 14 of the 75 districts being influenced. It’s time to go back and one of the finest ways of directing rupees directly to the source is staying with regional families. UK-based responsible trip operator Rickshaw Travel arranges homestays and I’d come attempt one .

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Why start up in Singapore? French CEO of travel website describes

In the fifth part of a unique series taking a look at Singapore s burgeoning start-up scene, Frenchman Guillaume Picard explains why he chose Singapore as the base for his start-up.

Travel site eOasia is run by a global team hailing from nations like France, Poland and Indonesia. But when its CEO, Frenchman Guillaume Picard, wished to discover a base for the start-up, which targets the South-east Asian market, he decided Singapore was the very best bet.

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